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Making Him Famous (2023)




98 min


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Mario King (Vonii Bristow) is an inspirational speaker in the constant pursuit of fame. Though his grandfather (Cameron Arnett) always instilled the importance of living a life of integrity, Mario's affluent lifestyle leads to temptation, sending him down a path of destruction fueled by his own greed and arrogance. Disgraced and humiliated, Mario picks up a delivery job in a small town in North Carolina hoping to make ends meet. When a speeding ticket threatens his livelihood and freedom, Mario must take on community service work at Safe Harbor homeless shelter. While reluctant at first, Mario soon finds his calling in helping others with the encouragement of Olivia McBride (Morgan Graham) and Steven Young (Cornelius Muller). As Mario re-discovers the true meaning of "making Him famous," he begins to feel as if his past life is pulling him back.

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